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Give a gift that helps support women around the world.


Suggested donations to UNIFEM Canada are a minimum of $25.00.



Help women around the world by buying someone special a beautiful and heartfelt card for Mother's Day on May 13, 2007.

Donate $25 or more to UNIFEM Canada and we’ll send a specially designed Mother’s Day card to your mother or a woman you love. You’ll receive a charitable receipt and the good feeling that comes from making the world a better place.

You don't need to do any work. Just give us the name, address, and your message and we'll send them a card for you. Cards have a mosaic of women on the front cover and have a special message inside. (Click on images to see the full-sized card.)

UNIFEM is the women’s fund at the United Nations that speaks out on the plight of women around the world. With your help, we provide financial and technical assistance to innovative programs that foster women’s empowerment and gender equality. Our fund helps women and girls around the world to combat poverty, HIV/AIDS, rape, violence in civil conflicts and infringement on women’s human rights.


Donations can be made:

  • Online using your computer.
  • By telephone. Between April 23th and May 10th, 2007 please call us at 1(866)840 1445 or (613-232-5751 ext 235) from 8 AM to
    8 PM (EST)
    Once we receive your pledge and your information we'll immediately send the card to your favourite designated person!

UNIFEM Canada Introduces a New Way to Show Mom You Love Her on Mother’s Day

We need your help. UNIFEM, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, has a new intitiative to raise money specifically to raise money for women in Africa and to honour Canadian mothers.

UNIFEM Canada has created a new way to greet your mother on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13, 2007. For a recommended donation of $25, the Canadian Committee of the United Nations Women’s Fund will send a card on your behalf to your mother, with the proceeds going to aid women afflicted by HIV/AIDs in Africa.

Sue McGarvie, co-President of the Canadian Committee for UNIFEM, said the development world is finally waking up to the fact that investment in mothers pays the biggest dividends as mothers are caregivers of children and the aged in their communities. In Africa, millions of mothers, often infected themselves with HIV/AIDS, become the sole support of families ravaged by the disease. “As UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) has become identified with Halloween, UNIFEM, the United Nations Women’s Fund, will identify with Mother’s Day through an annual cross-Canada campaign,” she said.

The card reads,

“Dear Mom, You taught me right from wrong; which star to wish upon, that I can be whatever I want to be, and to care about other people – not just myself. This year instead of the gifts I usually give you on Mother’s Day I’ve made a donation in your name to the United Nations Development Fund for Women, so they can help mothers all over the world do as good a job as you did. I love you.”

The Campaign was the brainstorm of a luncheon featuring mothers, grandmothers and children, from the ages of two to 80, wanting to help the most needy mothers.

The United Nations Development Fund for Women works to strengthen women’s economic capacity, to give women a real say in governance and leadership and also promotes women’s human rights by working to eliminate all forms of violence against women. UNIFEM Canada is a registered charity with national outreach in support of UNIFEM’s work world-wide.

We are hoping that you can help us promoting this initiative by publicizing these cards. Maybe you can consider buying cards for the mothers in your life and your staff? We would really appreciate any help you can offer us in this matter and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.



THE CREDIT CARD DANGER - One of societyís biggest danger is the credit card. Over the past few years, I have seen many people who are crippled by credit card debt. Credit cards have this magical power of taking over a personís life due to its relative ease.

I have seen many young people being crippled with the misery of debt after they get their credit cards. If you walk around any university, you find that many of them have booths where they sign up college student for credit cards. Even at a young age, they have been crippled with this ease. This ease only makes life more difficult. Having a credit card can be a convenient thing, but it comes with a price. A big, big price.
Consumer debt has been rising each year. Everyone loves the ease of credit cards because it means that they donít have to pay for something straight away. We can wait and pay towards the Ďend of the monthí. However, come end of the month, few of us actually pay the total amount which we owe.
Credit card is extremely dangerous because it can become a habit. Due to credit cards, many people find it hard to control their spending. They splurge on whatever they see and want due to this ease.
This is especially for many single fathers I know of. There are single fathers I know who are crippled with debt because of their lack of control. There are various reasons for their excessive spending, but it is normally due to a lack of discipline.

HOW SINGLE FATHERS OFTEN MISUSE CREDIT CARDS - he management of credit cards is more often something emotional rather than logical. This is often the reason why many single fathers get into excessive amount of credit card debt in the immediate year after the divorce. Finding it hard to deal with the emotional intricacies of the divorce, they take the easy way out of spending excessively. There is a widespread of single parent debt in the USA at present. Due to the high number of divorce (some experts suggest itís 50% of all marriages), single parent debt has also been on the rise. The first factor that brings about this debt is due to the high cost of divorce. The cost of divorce is high. This doesnít only factor the cost of hiring a lawyer but also the effects of it. After a divorce, a single father might find himself needing to pay alimony and child support. He would also need to pay for his own place of stay, if the court decides he need to move out.

From his divorce proceedings, it was decided that he would need to pay alimony and child support. Added to it the mortgage on the house which his ex-wife and children are staying in, it adds up to a very high expense. He also need to consider his own needs such as rental for his new apartment and other living expenses. Added up, he was in a dire position of living on credit. Many single fathers are in such similar position. The fact of the matter is that the law protects the woman more than the man in a divorce. Therefore, whenever a single father get a divorce, always be prepared to pay more than you expect. From experience, the only men who can deal with a divorce situation well are those who have been divorced a few times. They would have the experience to protect themselves and their assets.

After a divorce, a single father would tend to get emotional. These emotions makes him spend money. He would spend money to get over the feeling of abandonment and hurt. He may also spend money to win his childrenís heart. He may also want to give the very best to his children because of the guilt of splitting up with his ex-wife. If he doesnít have the money, he would then put it on his Ďplastic cardí, believing that he can easily pay it off in the future. His spending is to gain the validation from his children and to feel better about his situation. But it doesnít end there. In the future, a single father might also try to spend money to try to win over friends or dates. Because there is an emotional gap in his heart, he would try his best to fill it by the acceptance of others. I have seen single fathers go absolutely crazy when they spend money. They would be at bars and buy expensive bottles of wine to share with others. Some of these bill rake up to the thousands a single night. Some single fathers try to take women out on dates and bring them to expensive places. They try to impress other people by these ways. Some even purchase expensive sports cars after a divorce, trying to obtain validation. I have known plenty of men who end up in huge credit card debts (or other debts) trying to attract women.

For single fathers, it can be a very lonely and depressed period when they are just after a divorce. They wonít know what to do and having a credit card simply puts them in a financially critical position. If they donít know how to deal with their emotions well, they would end up in a big pile of debt before they even know it. As a single father, I know the challenges. However, I hope you can control your finances even if it is difficult. In the next chapter, you would learn about the potential benefits of using credit cards. From understanding the benefits of credit cards, you would be better off knowing when to use and when not to use credit cards.

BENEFITS OF USING CREDIT CARDS - Personally, I hate credit cards. I hate it like a burning rage because it puts me in a jail cell. I hate that it forces me to work in a job I hate to buy things I donít need to impress the people I donít care about. But, this chapter is all about the BENEFITS of using credit cards. The reason for this is because as you understand the real benefits of using credit cards, you would learn to understand how you can use it for its benefits rather than its disadvantages. When you start to understand how beneficial credit cards are, you would slowly learn to develop the right habits and attitude towards credit cards use.
Among the various benefits of using credit cards include:-

Ease Of Use. Credit cards are easier than cash because you wouldnít need to store so much money in your wallet. You only need to take one credit card out and you donít have to worry. Being a runner, I love using it. If I go out for a run, I normally carry along my credit card instead of cash. If I carry cash, my sweat would normally make the money wet while having credit cards is easy. Simply place the credit card in the pocket and Iím ready to go. If I have to buy a drink on the road, I can simply use my credit card.
Safer. If someone robs you, they wouldnít ask for your credit cards. They would insist on the cash that you have. A robber that decides to take your credit card instead of cash is plain stupid. If you get robbed, simply call the credit card company immediately to cancel the card. As simple as that. Thatís the reason why credit card can be safer, most of the time.
Track Expenses Better. It is much easier to track expenses on your credit card statement than having to write down whatever you spend (if you pay in cash). When you put everything on your card, you simply get a monthly statement that has a list of whatever you have spent throughout the month.
Better Cash Management. There are some credit cards that give you zero interest when you purchase something. Although this is something that can be dangerous for some people, I have used this well. This zero interest means you buy something and pay in instalment at zero interest. I have used this to purchase electronic products that I need for work. If my computer costs $1000, it would be better to pay it using a zero interest scheme. If I pay in cash, I would be off by $1000 on the onset while if I pay using the scheme, I would be able to slowly pay it off each month. This allows me to have more cash to run.

Despite its various benefits, credit cards can be something dangerous if you donít use it well. You still need to establish firm discipline in using them. If not, you simply dig yourself a deep hole. For example, although using zero interest scheme can be helpful, it can be fatal if you purchase excessively. Donít get into this thinking that just because you are paying zero interest, you should purchase multiple electronic products. There are some people who think this way. Just because you can make the minimum payment doesnít mean that you should buy everything you can.

However, understanding those benefits go a long way towards establishing discipline in your life. As much as I hate credit cards, I realize how beneficial it can be for my life. After understanding the benefits, I made it a point to establish discipline in my credit card use. I hope you understand the importance of discipline too.

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Cards may be ordered by calling (613) 232-5751 Ext. 235. On the web at www.unifem.ca
For Information:

300-309 Cooper Street
Ottawa, ON K2P OG5
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Sue McGarvie, Co-President, UNIFEM Canada (613) 355-1786 or (613) 232-5751 ext 235
Sandra I. Louis-Jeune, Planning Coordinator (613) 831-6432

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