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Through its projects and activities, UNIFEM aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the capacity and leadership of women's organizations and networks

  • Increasing women's participation in decision-making processes

  • Supporting gender equality initiatives and gender mainstreaming planning and policy-making processes

UNIFEM's support for women's leadership is characterized by two key priority areas:

  1. Peace and security... strengthening the gender focus in prevention and early warning mechanisms, improving protection and assistance for women affected by conflict; by making women's and gender perspectives central to peace processes and supporting gender justice in post-conflict peace-building.

  2. Gender justice... women's empowerment and equal participation in leadership and political decision-making position are necessary elements for ensuring that gender equality is integrated into policymaking and constitutional, electoral and judicial reform.

The Governance, peace and security Programme's Objectives are:

  • To build capacity and develop skills to strengthen women's leadership in order to promote their access to and participation in decision-making structures, including participation in the electoral process.

  • To support women's organizations and national machineries to engender national legislation, policies, plans and programmes in selected countries as part of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action.

  • To facilitate the partnership between women's organizations and Governments to promote the implementation of the Platform for Action and increase Governments' accountability to implement the Platform.

  • To work with local, national and regional medial to promote a more positive image of women and their role in society.

  • To strengthen the gender focus in prevention and early warning mechanisms, improve protection and assistance for women affected by conflict.

The Governance, peace and security Programme in the Arab States Region works vigorously to support implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (PFA) agenda - a comprehensive action plan aimed at enhancing women's empowerment, improving women's health, advancing women's education and training, promoting women's marital and sexual rights, ending gender-based violence and bridging a gender perspective to constitutional, electoral, legislative, judicial and policy process that helps strengthen the rule of law and ensure gender justice.


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